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Jordan Harper Co. is for the girl who is discovering herself, the girl who shines confidence, the wallflower, and the life of the party.

My passion for helping women discover their uniqueness, beauty and strength. No matter if this is your 1st or 100th step on your journey of self love and discovery, I can not wait to be apart of that journey!

Boudoir can be more than just a gift for our lovers. It can also be a gift to ourselves to help find and recognize the love that we can have for our unique beauty and femininity. 

I want to help you embrace yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's self.
Running towards forgiveness, acceptance and love for ourselves.
Honoring motherhood and all it's greatness and strength.
And challenging today's world with each of our own unique bodies.

bare your strength

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I discovered and experienced my own boudoir session, kind of on accident.
A new friend of mine at the time was hosting mini sessions and on a whim I booked one from her to snap some boudoir photos of myself. 
And those photos ended up being the very first photos that I ever got back of myself that I didn't see my flaws or photoshopped in some way.
I felt so beautiful and I saw myself for the first time in a different light...

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Featured blog post

Erin's Bare Feminity shoot

Erin and I got to create some amazing imagery that showcases the beauty of the women's form.
We see value in highlighting the little things. The things that go unnoticed and unappreciated. 

Check out Erin's shoot to see what it can look like when you're inspired by natural beauty!

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bare your femininity