- Christine

"OKAY so lemme just take a hot sec to talk about this lovely lady Jordan....First off as we all know boudoir is intimate AF and you don't want some random stranger doing those kinds of photos for you. Well I knew I wanted to work with Jordan right away because of her constant kindness and caring attitude towards me before I even booked!! This lady really REALLY wants you to feel as loved and beautiful as you are. Then came the shoot which was literally the highlight of my week. We had so much fun giggling and taking pics and she was just amazing at not only making me feel confident but literally just having a good ass time and honestly making me forget I was even in front of the camera. AND THEN this lady sends me like 10 sample photos the next day! And..... truth corner.... I cried a little bit when I saw them because I had never seen myself in that light before and it just felt so amazing to be reminded that I AM sexy and confident and powerful and all that good good. THANK YOU JORDAN for being the kindest, sweetest, most talented lady friend/photog ever! I just can't say enough good things!!!"

- Gabriella

"When my best friend told me she was doing boudoir photos for her soon to be husband I thought “man I wish I was pretty enough to do them” .... turns out I am I just needed a little help. That help came from Janna Mae and Jordan!

Jordan offered to do my photos and gave me options of what I could wear. She told me that these photos could be anything I wanted them to be. I showed up on the day of the shoot trying my best to not panic and drive home. Jordan greeted me and asked me what I had brought. She encouraged me every step of the way and by the end of the shoot I was posing for pictures that I never thought i would go for. She has such a grace with easing concerns and she makes what could be an uncomfortable situation very relaxed and fun. My pictures are amazing and the experience was great! I recommend the shoot and Jordan to all my friends now because the experience is so empowering and fun everyone should get to experience it!"

- kate

- Madison

"I just want to take a minute to dote on the very talented Jordan Harper. Doing boudoir shoots and making people feel comfortable with themselves is not the easiest thing, but she handles it with grace and excellence. I never thought that my body would look good in a shoot like that, but she inspired me and encouraged me to embrace my body the way it is and the pictures turned out fabulous. I felt so beautiful and confident in my own skin! And along with the help of Breanna, using her incredible talents with makeup, she gave me a very natural, beautiful look. I love how they both highlighted and accentuated certain parts of me that I didn’t find very flattering before and were able to make me see myself in a whole new light! thank you thank you"

- arieluna

"I was going through a difficult transition in my life when I decided to make one of the best investment I ever had, shooting with Jordan. Not only did I feel comfortable right away but beautiful too. Jordan is the sweetest soul, with great playlists, and a total eye for personalized beauty. Her studio was perfectly decorated! I wasn't expecting how fun the whole experience was. I am already thinking about our next shoot!

- Shannon

"A boudoir shoot is something I have always wanted to do but never felt comfortable or confident enough to do it. After seeing Jordan’s previous galleries and speaking with her prior to the shoot, I knew she was the right person to help me feel confident and beautiful. Working with Jordan was a joy and made this introvert feel at ease. Not only did she make me feel comfortable, her studio was amazing, and the photographs are even more beautiful than I could have imagined. If you are considering a boudoir shoot for any reason, body positivity, as a gift, or any other reason, I would highly recommend it!"

- Brianna

"Hey everyone! I’m so in love with my photos by Jordan and my makeup that was done by Breanna! This whole experience was amazing. I felt so comfortable the moment I walked into the door and I felt confident walking out! 
So let’s talk about Breanna who was my makeup artist. She is so clean, sanitary and neat which is a big thing for me! She also was so secure in what she was doing that she made it all so effortless! She didn’t make me worry at all about what the outcome would look like. She used quality products and took her time to accentuate my best features. She made me feel stunning. Breanna is also insanely kind too! I love how you can tell she really cares about her art and pours her creativity into it! 
Now Jordan, woah.. she’s so talented. Jordan really focuses on making the client feel confident and encourages them to just really be themselves! After all, that’s how you capture the best picture/moment. There were moments where I was kinda doubting myself or questioning in my head how I was looking and without me saying a word to her, she could pick up on that and totally changed it! She is so uplifting and I just am so happy with the photos and the whole experience together. She’s a good person inside and out. I can not wait to work with these two ladies again! This was so worth it! 
Thanks Jordan and Breanna, you guys made me feel like a rockstar!"

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"Hey everyone! Real talk..doing a boudoir shoot can be intimidating. I like having my portrait taken, but I don’t usually gravitate towards only wearing about a bathing suit’s worth of clothes when I do so, haha.
When I got to the shoot, Jordan was so encouraging, empathetic, and the space she had set up was gorgeous. I became so excited about the glamour of it and the opportunity to collaborate with a fellow body-positive woman that my nerves went away. I had a ton of fun and Jordan gave me such beautiful photos.
If you're on the fence about it, take the leap! This is such a great way to celebrate YOU.
P.S. I wrote a bit about my shoot with Jordan in a blog post I published on improving body confidence! This shoot was truly an important part of my journey that I'm still working on. You can read more here, if you're interested :) https://beingmrsbenedict.com/…/5-things-i-did-to-improve-m…/ "

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