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My journey in discovering boudoir photography was accidental. On a whim I took advantage of a friend of mine's mini sessions and had her take some boudoir photos of me. I didn't think too much about it but I had just gotten married a few months before and wanted to surprise my husband. Little did I know it would be a self altering experience for how I viewed myself. 
The photos she delivered to me were the first photos I ever actually truly loved of myself. 
Before that session if you had asked me if I had self image issues, I would have said no way. I would have said I loved myself and accepted myself. 
But what I wouldn't admit is that I had photoshopped every photo of myself that I put out online up until that photoshoot. I always excused the reason why and told myself "photos last forever and I want to control how I'm seen when looking back on them." I would have said that that reason was no big deal and that didn't mean I didn't like or accept myself. I didn't realize I wasn't accepting the reality that I did have body image issues.
But I was so wrong...and it wasn't until I received my boudoir photos back that I realized how wrong I had been. Because when I got that session back I saw myself in a whole new way. I saw all those "flaws" I had been "fixing" on myself as beautiful and ME. I finally saw how important those character things were that I was erasing on myself. I saw myself for the first time as sexy, something I didn't think I was capable of.
I say my beauty, femininity, strength, courage, importance, sexiness and worthiness.
Allowing myself to be a Bare Women helped me to find my freedom from the lies I told myself.

I believe it's not society that we need to be fighting against so hard but our own minds. It's a natural human response to compare. And it's a muscle that has to be formed and strengthened to learn not to. And going through this experience made that so abundantly clear for me! No one told me the things that I told myself. No one but myself. 

I allowed those thoughts to come and stay in my mind and heart. And since my boudoir shoot it's been an every day workout to strengthen that muscle that keeps those thoughts at bay. I don't succeed every day but I flex it hah
After my experience in my boudoir session, I realized just how important providing this experience for women is. I realized just how much I had a passion for helping women find their value and strength in themselves. Giving women the space to embrace themselves in a new way. And also providing an experience that fits the women that doesn't see herself as "dark and moody" like me. 
When I started looking for fine art film inspired boudoir photographers in this area to photograph me some day, I realized the gap there was in this area for the ladies that didn't want the shadowing, moody look. Because that wasn't me either. And now the most frequent thing that I get told by the ladies that walk into my studio is " wow I'm so glad that I found you, because I never did one of these because the dark and moody that everyone I know did just didn't feel like me." I was mind blown. I had no idea that so many women out there felt that gap as well!

So if you're like me, and you want to feel beautiful, happy and glowing with confidence during your boudoir session, than let's do this, because
I'm so ready to help you feel those things! Because I believe you already are those things, you just have to see it for yourself!

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fun facts

- I've been called "plain Jane" my whole life haha which is ironic now cause my style is so different than anyone I know

- My middle name "harper" is actually my maiden name. But I legally switched it to my middle name once I got married

- My hubby and I have one Bengal cat baby

- One of my least favorite colors is green

- my biggest insecurity are my eyebrows, because I actually don't have any cause of years of pulling them out from anxiety

- I'm obsessed with fuzzy blankets

- my favorite drink is meadow tea (hello lancaster county peeps)

about Jordan

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